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Would your business or organization like to sponsor next year's CommUNITY Film Fest?
Contact us for more information!

​​CommUNITY News!


The CommUNITY Film Fest's mission is to celebrate life in our community, promote inclusion, and the everyday lives of people of all abilities.  This unique event focuses exclusively on amateur video.  The event celebrates contributions made to the community, challenges assumptions, and enhances respect for individuals with disabilities.



Any Topic - 5 minutes max

You can do this!  If you know how to use

iMovie or any other amateur movie editing program - go for it!  Make your own movie -

just make sure you look at our rules page!


Any Topic - 5 minutes max

Do you have a team to help you?  Maybe a friend, family member or provider?  Go for it!



We are looking for entries that highlight how YOU contribute to your community.  This might be your family, school, work, neighborhood, faith community or wherever you belong. 


Create and submit your best (this means ONE) short video, maximum of 5 minutes, using a smart phone, camera, app or other video device.


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March 1st, 2023

Call for Entries is OPEN!

Get registered, gather your team, come up with an idea and a plot, find your talent and start filming!

May 31st, 2023

DEADLINE for Entries!

All films must be completed and turned in by this date so we can send them to our judges!

August 20th, 2023

LIVE Film Festival Event!

We're back in-person for this year's festival! We can't wait to see everyone on the red carpet again!

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