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Helpful Hints

Looking for some creative help to make your movie?

Below are just some of the resources available to help you get started. 

How to Shoot Your First Movie

Shooting will probably be the most exciting part of making your first movie, and possibly the most challenging, too. Follow these steps to make the best use of your cameras. This is a fun filmmaking tutorial for first time filmmakers. This how to video will help you avoid beginner mistakes when shooting your first movie.

How to Use Voice-Overs in Your Movie

Contrary to some screenwriting gurus, voice-over can be a handy narrative device. By speaking directly to the audience, rather than dramatizing, voice-over cuts through the running time. It can also cut down on resources. Just don't overdo it. Over-baked voice-overs sidestep drama, and leave little to interpretation. Imagine if everything were explained to you secondhand, rather than witnessing it yourself.

How to Obtain Free and Legal Music
for Your Movie


Several great YouTubers have had their accounts suspended for illegally using copyrighted music from those easily agitated big record labels. This episode of Jim Shorts covers places you can go to find awesome music for your videos that won't end your film career.

How to Make a Movie in Windows MovieMaker


Follow this step by step video you will soon be able to make your own movie in Windows Movie Maker.


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